About us

NORTHS RUNNERS is a social running group sponsored by NORTHS that has been running Sydney’s North Shore since 1967. We meet at 8am every Sunday at Balmoral Beach and run a range of routes around Sydney’s picturesque North Shore and Middle Harbour – covering territory bounded by Milson’s Point, Crows Nest and Manly.

Our runs vary between 6km and 15km (most in the 9km to 11km range).  All of our starts and finishes are at Balmoral Beach so a quick dip in the harbour is an option after every run. Our runners have a broad range of experience and interests so if you’re looking for a training partner for a particular event, you might find one with us. Runners of all standards are represented in the current membership and the group has a very social atmosphere.

New and visiting runners are always welcome and, with no cost for you you drop in for a run, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t put on your joggers and join us this Sunday. Just turn up and introduce yourself to someone in a red and black shirt.


Membership of NORTHS RUNNERS is based on the calendar year. Membership is $15 per year and all members are expected to also be members of NORTHS. Members who are not financial are not eligible to earn points in our race series or to have access to any of the subsidised activities/resources of NORTHS RUNNERS. Being a member of NORTHS RUNNERS allows for a discounted membership rate at the NORTHS gym. When you come down for the Sunday run we can give you more information.

All runners participating in the activities of NORTHS RUNNERS are expected to obey the rules of the road and to show respect and care for pedestrians and vehicles. All runners are individually responsible for acting in a manner that does not endanger themselves or others and, does not reflect poorly on the reputation of NORTHS RUNNERS or NORTHS.